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A review of the effects of stress on mental health nursing care. Stress is known to be an occupational hazard for nurses. Studies conducted over the last 15 years indicate that nurses have a much higher than average incidence of psychosomatic symptoms, including depression, anxiety and irritability. Many people would also consider that stress is a natural occupational hazard of the nursing profession. There is, however, evidence to suggest that stress may be a leading cause of mental health problems and that nurses who are suffering with these problems are less likely to recover. The aim of this paper is to examine the evidence for stress as a causative factor in a range of mental health problems and to identify possible management strategies.Modern telecommunications networks are built around optical components. To implement optical networking and communication across those networks, it is important to be able to identify the components that make up those networks, e.g., individual fibers, amplifiers, splitters, couplers, etc. Exemplary components are described herein. Fiber-optic cables are widely used to carry telecommunications signals. In telecommunication networks, it is necessary to locate the individual optical fibers that are contained within the cable to determine their optical characteristics. In turn, this allows the individual fibers to be sorted and routed to locations of desired usage. For example, individual optical fibers are typically sorted into fibers used for transmission and those used for signal combining. Individual optical fibers and cables are enclosed in protective jackets that are designed to keep them clean and to prevent damage from the elements. The ends of the fibers and cables may also be sealed to prevent exposure of the fibers to the atmosphere. Consequently, identification and tracking of the fibers and cables from manufacturing to usage is a crucial element in the deployment of fiber-optic networks. Traditional methods of identification involve marking the fibers and cables with distinguishing indicia, e.g., using stamps, paint, watermarking, etc. In such methods, the marks can be removed or otherwise obscured. For example, in a watermarking process, the surface of the fiber is etched, overcoated, etc. to form a defined marking pattern. In another example, a paint is applied to the outer surface of a cable. When the paint is removed, a watermark is visible. However, the indicia can be easily removed by physical damage or the application of heat. Other methods of identification involve the insertion of identifying components into the fibers. For example, a brass sleeve can be inserted into a fiber to serve as a water




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