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Master your Holiday Charcuterie Board

A popular appetizer for any holiday party is a good charcuterie board. Your two key ingredients for your board will naturally be the cheese and the meat. At least three kinds of cheese, and two varieties of aged, cured meats. 


Then, this won't be the show stopper but crackers are still a must. Use two different kinds and add at least 6 of each. Have a few ounces of jam available on your board, too. If you want fresh fruit on your board, go with about a half a cup of grapes and a few berries. Avoid citrus fruits. This will make enough for about 4 people to share. If you need to serve more, double or triple the portion sizes. You could also add nuts like almonds or cashews to the platter, or even roasted garlic.

Smoke Shack Meat Market will be making your Holidays easier with Ready-Made Charcuterie Boards. Each board will include 3 meats, 3 cheeses, fillers, and a board to keep. Call us today to have one made up for your next gathering, or holiday event.

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