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Swine house exclusively sources whole, pasture-raised animals from texas to smoke, roast, grill, and produce fine charcuterie. You can find us roasting pigs on spits and serving our sausages and house made deli meats at pop-up and private events around south texas.
Especially in texas, we are far removed from the food we eat. The sun, soil, and labor of the farm deserve our utmost respect. We simply seek to feature the work and sacrifice of the people who produce the best food we can find. Not only does swine house refuse to contribute to the commodity meat industry on principal, we also believe true flavor cannot be produced but on open pasture and a foraged diet.

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Call us today to make your Holiday event easier with Ready-Made Charcuterie Boards.


Each board will include 3 meats, 3 cheeses, fillers, and a board to keep. Call us today to have one made up for your next gathering, or holiday event.


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Smoke Shack Meat Market and Butcher Shop in San Antonio Texas