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Welcome to The Smoke Shack Meat Market and Butcher Shop

in San Antonio, Texas

- About Us  -


​Owners Chris and Kate Conger, of the San Antonio, Texas Southern Kitchen BBQ restaurant and Food Truck “ The Smoke Shack”, and Live Music venue Soul-Full Sunday Brunch spot “The Pigpen Neighborhood Bar”, open a third sibling to their chain of establishments on August 10th, 2018. The new location, a local Meat Market and Butcher Shop aim to stand out by joining the “Slow Foods” movement, global advocacy that advances the concept of good, clean, and fair food by preserving traditional and regional cuisines that were becoming extinct and promoting the propagation of plants, seeds, and livestock of local ecosystems. With this mentality, the Smoke Shack Meat Market aims to give back more to local farmers in Texas by sourcing a majority of products locally. With the exception of cheeses and wines, products will be almost exclusively Texas.

Smoke Shack Meat Market wants to foster a culture of supporting Texas Farmers and Ranchers enabling them to offer guests the best, freshest and highest quality of products available in the South Texas area. 

Some of our Farmers are as follows.
Peeler Ranch - Wagyu Beef
Hudspeth River Ranch - Lamb
Dean & Peeler Meat Works - Beef, Prime Grade
Parker Creek Ranch - Beef, Grass-fed
Midland Meat Company - Texas Wagyu
Peaceful Pork - Pork



Peeler Ranch

Peeler Ranch has ethically raised beef cattle for more than 100 years and believes the quality of our beef and lamb is unmatched in Texas. Our Wagyu cattle are raised on grass and finished with grain on sprawling South Texas pastures. No antibiotics, no added hormones. This is tender, flavorful beef you'll be proud to serve.


hudspeth river ranch

Our mission is to produce a premium, mild, lean, tender, delicious tasting lamb & goat by abiding to well-founded ground rules with a traditional holistic managing foundation. 


​The great care we take to provide a healthy, comfortable existence for our

animals results in the most wholesome, natural product possible.

We make sure all animals are treated humanely, with respect and dignity.  Every animal spends 100% of their lives expressing their natural behavior in a natural environment.  


The following claims are registered with the USDA:

All Natural

No Antibiotics

No Added Hormones

All Native Pasture Fed


dean & Peeler

Dean & Peeler Meatworks, a state-of-the-art, federally inspected, custom meat processing plant in Poth, TX. We are proud to offer you the best hand-cut Beef, Pork, Chicken, Sausage, Kabobs, Fajitas, Briskets, Pinwheels and more available! Any cut, any combo! Stop by and see all that we have to offer.


legend meats

When you take the time to raise healthy animals, you experience the finest quality meat nature can offer.

In keeping with our Ranch to Table philosophy we guarantee, we promise, we deliver. From Ranch to Table. The Finest Quality Meats You’ll Find Anywhere.

Legend Meats.


parker creek ranch

Family owned and operated since 1846, Parker Creek Ranch is a working ranch located 50 miles west of San Antonio. We are committed to regenerative agriculture production and creating healthy habitats for livestock, wildlife, and people. As stewards of the land, our goal is to produce nutritious products for our community while designing and managing systems that will benefit the environment and future generations.


peaceful pork

Free of Added Hormones. Free of Antibiotics. Free of Fences!

Peaceful Pork is raised naturally in pastures that stretch across the rolling mesquite savanna of South Texas, some 50 miles north of Corpus Christi in.

The topography is perfect for pigs. Natural foragers, they enjoy rooting – their instinct is to dig up the grass with their noses – and exploring. And that is exactly how Peaceful Pork pigs spend their days, grazing and digging the earth beneath shade trees, or cooling off in one of the wallows that stud the wide pastures.

Peaceful Pork’s heritage pigs are a combination of “old world” Large Blacks and distinctive Texas breeds. The herd features genetics of classic British pigs, such as Berkshires, for optimum marbling, and Texas original breeds like Red Wattles.

Occasionally, ambitious feral hogs break into the pastures and add their genetics to the mix (At the ranch, this is referred to as “Free Love”!), adding to the personality and the flavor!

Smoke Shack Meat Market and Butcher Shop in San Antonio Texas
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